Before you book your trip to California 酒 Country, you may be wondering: when is the best weather in 纳帕 Valley? 多亏了温和的, 地中海气候, 纳帕 Valley is not only an idyllic place to grow grapes, it’s also a welcoming destination for visitors any time of year. 虽然全年气候温和, summers tend to be warm and dry with plenty of sun, 而冬天则会带来雨水和凉爽, 阴天. 不管什么季节, temperatures can vary dramatically between day and night, 有时高达30度, 所以建议分层.


From sunrise to sunset, the weather forecast is looking good in 酒 Country! Thanks to its mild, Mediterranean-like climate, 纳帕 Valley is an idyllic place to visit year-round.

When is the Best Time of year to Come to 纳帕 Valley and Average Monthly Temperatures




春天是探索ag体育正规的好时节, 当你发现花开的时候, vineyards showcasing the first signs of bud break, 人群更少. 虽然你可能会在早上看到零星的雾, rain becomes less frequent as the days start to warm, inviting mild temperatures that encourage more time outdoors.

平均高/低: 68°F / 47°F
平均降雨量: 1.8″



纳帕 Valley is a top destination during the summer months for visitors looking to make the most of the region’s long, 炎热的白天和宜人的夜晚. 虽然可能会很拥挤, 你不能否认懒惰的吸引力, 在葡萄酒之乡阳光明媚的下午, 当眼前没有一片云或一滴雨的时候.

平均高/低: 82°F / 55°F
平均降雨量: 0.08″



California beckons with lovely weather conditions all year long, but it’s hard to beat the magic of the harvest season in 酒 Country. Thanks to average temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold, it’s an ideal time to visit. Plus, the vineyards reveal brilliant shades of red and gold that make for a beautiful sight to see.

平均高/低: 77°F / 50°F
平均降雨量: 0.08″



虽然在纳帕,秋天就是收获的代名词, most of the excitement surrounding crush begins to mellow out by mid-October as evening temperatures start to drop. While still pleasant during the day with high temperatures staying in the upper 60s, layers become more of a necessity in the early morning and at night when it can dip below 45 degrees. Sunny days are still the norm, but November brings more clouds and the occasional rain shower.

平均高/低: 69°F / 41°F
平均降雨量: 1.9”



12月是ag体育正规美妙的时光, when festive events and gatherings add to the joy of the season. Average temperatures hover around 60 degrees during the day, dropping down into the 40s and sometimes 30s at night. 虽然你找不到雪, 降水比较频繁, 所以别忘了带伞和雨衣.

平均高/低: 60°F / 42°F
平均降雨量: 5.1″



冬天可能是纳帕县的雨季, but with fewer crowds and more affordable lodging prices, it’s a great time to cozy up with a glass of red wine beside a fire. 尽管下雨, 你还是会发现很清楚, 天气晴朗,气温高达50华氏度, making 纳帕 feel downright balmy compared to most of the country this time of year.

平均高/低: 57°F / 38°F
平均降雨量: 5.3″








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你的问题 关于ag体育正规天气回答

  1. 纳帕的最佳天气是什么时候?

    With its mild, Mediterranean-like climate, 纳帕 Valley is an idyllic place to visit year-round. 然而, 纳帕 Valley’s warmest weather is found between May and September, when the days are long and filled with plenty of sunshine.

  2. ag体育正规有多冷?

    纳帕 Valley enjoys mild weather year-round, but winter brings the coldest temperatures. While daytime temperatures rarely drop below 55 degrees between January and March, average lows range between 38 – 40 degrees F at night.

  3. 纳帕有雪吗?

    而ag体育正规的高海拔地区, 如春山, receive the occasional flurry or dusting of snow, the valley floor (where most of the vineyards are located) does not get snow.

  4. 纳帕会下雨吗?

    纳帕 Valley gets an average of 27 inches of rain per year, with most rainfall happening during the winter months between December and March.

  5. 为什么天气适合酿酒?

    纳帕 Valley’s 地中海气候 creates ideal conditions for growing grapes, 温暖的地方, dry summers are moderated by cool marine influences, and large diurnal temperature shifts from day to night allow the grapes to ripen while retaining balanced acidity.

  6. ag体育正规比旧金山温暖吗?

    纳帕 Valley is typically much warmer than neighboring San Francisco, especially in the summer months. 在夏季, fog and cooler temperatures are common in San Francisco, 而温暖, 阳光明媚的日子是ag体育正规的常态.



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